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Imagitec Design, Ltd.
Imagitec Design - 04.png
Founded 1987
Headquarters England
Other Names Imagitec Design, Inc.
Gremlin Interactive Studios

Imagitec Design was a video games development company founded in 1987, based in the UK. The main person involved was Barry Leitch, who worked as a composer for many of the company's soundtracks.

Imagitec Design interacted with other companies such as Atari Corporation, Gremlin Interactive, and Electronic Arts. In early 1997, Imagitec was purchased by Gremlin and renamed Gremlin Interactive Studios.

Music Development


Leslie Long programmed the DOS music driver for Imagitec.


Imagitec only provided sound for Gremlin Graphics. Barry Leitch wrote the music in 6502 assembly macros using a driver by an unknown programmer.


Axel Brown reprogrammed Nintendo's Kankichi-kun music driver. Music was written in assembly.

Audio Personnel

Logo History