Ian Waugh

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Ian Waugh
Birth Place UK
Nationality British   UK.svg

Ian Waugh is a British composer and sound designer. He primarily worked on the BBC Micro, but in rare instances would work on other platforms. It appears he composed his last game in 1996, which was also the only time he worked with anyone.

Waugh also wrote several books about music production on computers.


Released Title Sample Notes
1987-??-?? Battlestar (CP4)
1987-??-?? Goal! (BBC)
1987-??-?? Phantom (CP4)
1988-0?-?? Boulder Dash (BBC) Composed by Peter Liepa.
1988-0?-?? Boulder Dash (ELEC) Composed by Peter Liepa.
1988-??-?? Frost Byte (AMI)
1988-??-?? Frost Byte (AST)
1989-??-?? Superman: The Man of Steel (BBC)
1990-??-?? Loopz (BBC) Arranged David Whittaker's music.
1996-??-?? The Games Factory (W32) With Mel Croucher and Darren Ithell.