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Ian W. Crabtree
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Birth Place
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Aliases Ian.Crabtree
Ian Crabtree

Ian Crabtree is an English musician. In 1988, he was residing in Newbold, Greater Manchester, and in August 2007, in Whitworth, Lancashire.

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Audio Development

Commodore 64

Crabtree created the Ariston driver and arranged in The Ariston Music Editor, except on Summer Olympiad (C64), where he probably arranged in assembly using Wally Beben's Ariston version. His two known game soundtracks are tuned at 433.5 Hz on PAL, 450 Hz on NTSC, and sound the same on every SID chip.


Released Title Sample Notes
1988-0?-?? Summer Olympiad (C64) Unused.
2015-12-21 Quantarallax (C64) In-game.

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