Hungarian Dance No. 5

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Hungarian Dance No. 5
Composer Johannes Brahms
Released 1869-??-??

Hungarian Dance No. 5 is the fifth and most popular of 21 dance songs composed by Johannes Brahms. Most of the songs are based heavily on earlier works, No. 5 in particular is based on "Bártfai emlék" by Béla Kéler. No. 5 was published in 1869.


Spy's Demise (A8)

Platform - A8.png
Spy's Demise (A8)
Output - POKEY.svg
Arranger Unknown
Released 1983-??-??
Format SAP

The Bard's Tale (C64)

Platform - C64.png
The Bard's Tale (C64)
Output - SID.svg
Arranger Lawrence Holland
Released 1986-??-??
Format SID

Creative Music System (DOS)

Platform - DOS.png
Creative Music System (DOS)
Output - Philips.svg
Creative Music System - DOS - Hungarian Dance No. 5.png
Arranger Sim Wong Hoo
Released 1987-08-??
Length 1:34
Format CMS

Hungarian Dance No. 5 is located on Song Disk 1 as Hgry5.cms. The file's metadata credits arrangement to Sim Wong Hoo. The tune is played on two SAA1099 chips.

Fushigi no Umi no Nadia (FC)

Platform - FC.png
Fushigi no Umi no Nadia (FC)
Output - NES.svg
Fushigi no Umi no Nadia - FC - Stage 16.png
Arranger Michiharu Hasuya, Masaaki Harada
Released 1991-03-15
Length 0:49
Format NSF
Loops Yes

The song is the seventh stage theme of the game. It plays on stages 16 (Vandergand Castle 1), 18 (Vandergand Castle 3), 20 (Vandergand Castle 5), 47 (Temple 2), 49 (Temple 4), and 50 (Temple 5). It was arranged by either Michiharu Hasuya or Masaaki Harada, who arranged it with their proprietary sound driver, Sound Routine 4 Gou.

Mortadelo y Filemón: Operación Møscú (W32)

Platform - W32.png
Mortadelo y Filemón: Operación Møscú (W32)
Arranger Emilio de Paz
Released 2001-10-??
Length 2:07
Format CD

Flipper 2: Flush the Goldfish (NDS)

Platform - NDS.png
Flipper 2: Flush the Goldfish (NDS)
Flipper 2 Flush the Goldfish - NDS - Catch suit.png
Arranger Bart Roijmans
Released 2011-12-29
Format UNK

Played during "Catch suit" bonus stages.