Howard Scott Warshaw

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Howard Scott Warshaw
Howard Scott Warshaw - 1.jpg
Born July 30
Birth Place USA
Nationality American   USA.svg
Aliases HSW

Howard Scott Warshaw is an American video game developer who programmed Atari 2600 games for Atari. Howard heard of an opening at Atari through a friend and was able to get the job at the beginning of 1981. He programmed Atari 2600 classics such as Yars' Revenge and Raiders of the Lost Ark. He is also the programmer of E.T. for the Atari 2600, declared by many to be the worst game of all time. Because he developed 2600 titles himself, he also had to program the games' audio. Warshaw has also programmed secret Easter eggs into the games he's developed.

Howard no longer works on video games and is now a psychotherapist.

Music Development

Atari 2600

Howard said this about developing music and sound effects for the Atari 2600:

I simply programmed the registers. The capability was very limited.


Released Title Sample
Unreleased Saboteur (A26)
1981-??-?? Yars' Revenge (A26) (ヤーの復讐)
1982-??-?? E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial (A26) (E。T。)
1982-??-?? Raiders of the Lost Ark (A26) (レイダーズ 失われた聖櫃)

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