Hiscore Tune - Stormlord (AMI)

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Hiscore Tune
Output - Paula.svg
Output - Paula.svg
Stormlord - AMI - Hiscore Tune.png
Composer Unknown
Arranger Unknown
Released 1989-??-??
Length 1:16.92 (PAL)
1:04.19 (NTSC)
BPM 125 (PAL)
150 (NTSC)
Format JT.png
Game Stormlord (AMI)
Title Origin Game Location
Loops Yes

Hiscore Tune is unique to the Amiga version of Stormlord. All other versions use another tune or silence.

After Game Over, if you scored more than the fifth hall-of-fame entry, the right screen fades in and this song starts. Once you press the Return key, the screen fades out but the song continues, something loads, and Title Tune appears.

On NTSC Amigas, the music is 20% faster and 16 cents higher than on PAL. The LED filter is off.

To record two loops plus 10 seconds, an opponent was hit, a fairy touched and the Esc key pressed in WinUAE 4.4.0 with:

  1. NTSC off,
  2. NTSC on,

Audio filter Emulated (A500), and Stereo separation 100%, as per real Amigas of the day. In the rip sized c. 112 KB, it is track 3.


Unlike most other Maniacs of Noise songs, an official title is not known. The VGMPF simply took the title from Dave Rogers' Hiscore Tune - Stormlord (CPC) (coincidentally, MoN's titling style, too).


As detailed on the game page, all Amiga music credits are unconfirmed, but Charles Deenen guesses that Johannes Bjerregaard († 2022) composed and arranged this song, and particularly the jazzy chords suit Bjerregaard.

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