Hiroshige Tonomura

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Hiroshige Tonomura
Hiroshige Tonomura.png
Local 殿村 裕誠 (とのむら ひろしげ)
Born Unknown
Birth Place Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases Pero, Piroshiki Touno, ぺろよん とのむら (Peroyon Tonomura), ぺろりん とのむら (Perorin Tonomura)

Hiroshige Tonomura is a Japanese composer and sound designer who is known for his works with Capcom and Taito. He joined Capcom around 1988, working primarily on their arcade and Nintendo titles, but only did a few games for them. Some of his best known works for the company include Pro Yakyuu? Satsujin Jiken! and Destiny of an Emperor. However, he gained popularity when he worked on their NES and Game Boy versions of DuckTales. In particular, the Moon Theme is one of the best known video game songs of all time.

In 1989, Tonomura left Capcom and joined Taito Corporation, and went under the name "Tono". There, he was one of the top leaders of their in-house sound team Zuntata. There, he mostly worked on their arcade titles such as Quiz H.Q., Ninja Kids, Hit the Ice, and Dino Rex. Later in his career at Taito, he moved away from composition and became an audio director. He also worked on their RayForce series alongside Tamayo Kawamoto, who was also a former Capcom composer. In 2005, he left audio work as a whole and joined Taito's board of directors. He has since held high positions with many subsidiaries of Taito.

Audio Development


Hiroshige wrote all his music for Capcom using Yoshihiro Sakaguchi's sound driver, in which the music had to be written in 6502 assembly language.


Released Title Sample Notes
1988-06-01 1943 Breaks: Midway Naval Battle (ARC) (1943改:ミッドウェイ海戦) One Song
1988-12-24 Pro Yakyuu? Satsujin Jiken! (FC) (プロ野球?殺人事件!)
1989-02-?? Dokaben (ARC) (ドカベン) With Yoshihiro Sakaguchi and Harumi Fujita.
1989-05-15 Destiny of an Emperor (NES) (天地を喰らう)
1989-09-?? DuckTales (NES) (わんぱくダック夢冒険)
1990-??-?? Hit the Ice (ARC) (ヒット・ジ・アイス)
1990-07-?? Quiz HQ (ARC) (クイズH.Q.)
1990-??-?? The Ninja Kids (ARC) (ニンジャキッズ) With Shiro Imaoka, Norihiro Furukawa, and "Y. Ohashi".
1990-??-?? Yuuyu no Quiz de Go! Go! (ARC) (ゆうゆのクイズでGO!GO!) Sound Effects
1992-??-?? Dino Rex (ARC) (ダイノレックス) With "Y. Ohashi".
1993-02-?? Hit the Ice (SNES)
1993-??-?? Gun Lock (ARC) (レイフォース) Sound Direction
1994-12-21 Bust-A-Move (ARC) (パズルボブル) Sound Producer
1994-??-?? Galactic Attack (ARC) Sound Director
1996-??-?? RayStorm (ARC) (レイストーム) Sound Direction
1997-01-12 RayStorm (PS1) (レイストーム) Sound Direction
1997-10-30 Layer Section II (SAT) (レイヤーセクション2) Sound Direction
2000-03-23 Kisha de Go! (PS1) (汽車でGO!) Opening Theme with Tamayo Kawamoto.
2000-04-20 RayCrisis: Series Termination (PS1) (レイクライシス) Music Director
2002-03-20 Magic Pengel: The Quest for Color (PS2) (ガラクタ名作劇場 ラクガキ王国) Music Support with "Taskmaster".