Hiroshi Taguchi

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Hiroshi Taguchi
Hiroshi Taguchi - 01.jpg
Local 田口 洋 (たぐち ひろし)
Born December 9, 1964
Birth Place Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases Goblin Sound

Hiroshi Taguchi is a Japanese composer and sound designer who worked for the sound team Goblin Sound. He is best known for composing the music to the game Kaizou Chounin Shubibiman, as well as composing the song Technotris for the BPS versions of Tetris, a song still used in Tetris games to this day. He was also responsible for singing the vocals in the boss stage of Twin Eagle.

Audio Development


Hiroshi used OPMDRV, which used Music Macro Language.


Released Title Sample Notes
1988-11-18 Tetris (X68) (テトリス)
With Hisashi Yotsumoto.
1988-12-22 Tetris: BPS (FC) (テトリス)
With Hisashi Yotsumoto.
1988-??-?? Tetris (MSX) (テトリス)
With Hisashi Yotsumoto.
1989-03-18 Kaizou Chounin Shubibiman (PCE) (改造町人シュビビンマン)
1989-??-?? Cal. 50 (ARC) (キャリバー50) With Takashi Suzuki and Hisashi Yotsumoto.
1990-01-26 Gai Flame (PCE) (ガイフレーム) With Hiroki Nakayama and Takayuki Suzuki.
1990-02-23 Hisou Kihei X-Serd (PCE) (飛装騎兵カイザード) With Hiroki Nakayama.

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