Hiroshi Suzuki

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Hiroshi Suzuki
Local 鈴木 啓史 (すずき ひろし)
Born 1947?
Birth Place Unknown
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases Hiro Suzuki, Goblin Sound

Hiroshi Suzuki is a Japanese composer and sound designer who worked at Bullet-Proof Software. Some of his notable contributions include Tetris, Hatris, and Archon. He usually worked alongside Goblin Sound, and there is some speculation he is the same person as Goblin Sound's lead Takayuki Suzuki.

Audio Development

His music sounds very similar like Masakatsu Maekawa's and Keiichi Maruyama's.


Suzuki used a sound driver by Kazuya Takahashi.


Suzuki used one sound driver by Kazuya Takahashi and another by Takahisa Kabasawa.


Released Title Sample Notes
1987-04-14 Igo: Kyuu Roban Taikyoku (FDS) (囲碁 九路盤対局)
1987-08-11 Igo: Kyuu Roban Taikyoku (FC) (囲碁 九路盤対局)
1987-11-?? M.U.L.E. (PC88) Arranger
1988-??-?? M.U.L.E. (MSX) Arranger
1988-??-?? Tetris (MSX) (テトリス) Sound Effect [sic]
1988-04-?? Archon (FM7) (アーコン) With Hiroyuki Morioka.
1988-07-14 Super Black Onyx (FC) (スーパーブラックオニキス) Musical Composition with Haruko Seto and Jun Irie.
Musical Sequencing and Operation with Hideki Matsutake, Hiroyuki Suzuki, and Kazuya Takahashi.
Sound Effects.
1988-11-?? Tetris (FM7) (テトリス) Sound Effect [sic]
1988-11-?? Tetris (PC88) (テトリス) Sound Effect [sic]
1988-11-18 Tetris (PC98) (テトリス) Sound Effect [sic]
1988-12-22 Tetris: BPS (FC) (テトリス) Sound Effect [sic]
1990-01-?? Archon (NES) (アーコン)
Composer and Arranger
1990-03-30 King of Casino (TG16)
1991-05-?? Hatris (GB) (ハットリス) Unknown arranger.
1991-05-24 Hatris (PCE) (ハットリス) Unknown arranger.
1991-08-09 Deflektor (X68) (ディフレクター)
1991-09-20 Pipe Dream (PC98) (パイプドリーム) With Haruko Seto.
1991-10-18 Hatris (PC98) (ハットリス) With Haruko Seto.
1991-12-20 Super Fire ProWrestling (SFC) (スーパーファイヤープロレスリング) With Hiroya Niwayama, Hironori Tanaka, Masamichi Yamazaki, and Tetsuji Ohtani.
1991-12-21 Battle Storm (FC) (バトルストーム)
1992-03-27 Welltris (PC98) (ウェルトリス) With Haruko Seto and Takahisa Kabasawa.
1992-04-?? Hatris (NES) (ハットリス)
All songs except Uncle of Angel and Cryptic Number.
1997-04-25 Gamera 2000 (PS1) (ガメラ2000) Sound Mixer
Unreleased Pipe Dream: BPS (NES) Composer?