Hikoshi Hashimoto

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Hikoshi Hashimoto
Hikoshi Hashimoto - 1.jpg
Local 橋本彦士 (はしもと ひこし)
Born 19XX-03-13
Birth Place Tokyo Prefecture, Japan
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Aliases Hikoshi.H, H. Hashimoto, Sebastian, Motoshi, Seba-Hiko, Hiko, ヒコ (Hiko)
Website hikoshi.matrix.jp

Hikoshi Hashimoto is a Japanese composer, sound designer, and audio director. He started out creating music for Sega's arcade game Racing Hero. He then subsequently created music for many of Sega's home platforms including the Sega Genesis and Game Gear. In 1990, he went freelance and worked for various developers and worked on various platforms including the SNES. He also started his own band called DeviceHigh with "REM" and Shigekazu Nakamura. Hashimoto has worked on over 200 games, and continues today to work on music for smartphones. Some of his best known works include Battletoads (Game Gear/Genesis versions), Brave Frontier, School Days, and Cyberbrawl.

Music Development


Hashimoto used the SMPS (Z80 version) sound driver by Sega. As a result, he probably wrote the music on an NEC PC-9801 computer.


For Battletoads, Hikoshi had to learn David Wise's score, and adapt it to Music Macro Language. To do this, he recorded a video of him playing through the entire game, and then adapted all the music and sounds by ear. [1]

Hashimoto also confirmed doing the Game Gear version of Battletoads, though most sites only credit him with the Genesis version.


To create music and sound on the SNES, Hikoshi programmed his own sound driver. He would then create MIDI files and converted them to his sound driver. He would take into account not to go over 8 channels.


Released Title Sample Notes
1989-??-?? Racing Hero (ARC) (レーシングヒーロー)
1989-??-?? AB Cop (ARC)
1990-03-02 Pat Riley Basketball (GEN) (スーパーリアルバスケットボール)
1990-05-26 Whip Rush (GEN) (ウィップラッシュ 惑星ボルテガスの謎) Sound Effects
1990-06-15 Ultrabox (ROM2) (ウルトラボックス(クスト1、他)
1990-09-28 Ultrabox 2-gou (ROM2) (ウルトラボックス(クスト2、他)
1990-12-26 Ultrabox 3-gou (ROM2) (ウルトラボックス(クスト3、他)
1991-??-?? Battletoads (GEN) (バトルトード) Arranged David Wise's music.
1991-??-?? Alien Storm (SMS)
1991-??-?? Line of Fire (SMS)
1991-??-?? Running Battle (SMS)
1991-09-27 Ultrabox 5-gou (ROM2) (ウルトラボックス(クスト5、他)
1991-12-20 Dungeon Master (SNES) (ダンジョンマスター)
1992-08-07 Shura no Mon (MD) (修羅の門)
1992-12-25 Capcom no Quiz: Tonosama no Yabou (MCD) (カプコンのクイズ殿様の野望)
1993-??-?? Battletoads (GG) (バトルトード) Arranged David Wise's music.
1993-06-08 Run Saber (SNES) (ランセイバー)
1993-12-23 Dungeon Master II: The Legend of Skullkeep (PC98) (ダンジョンマスター2 スカルキープ)
1994-??-?? ATP Tour Championship Tennis (GEN)
1994-??-?? Cosmic Carnage (32X) (サイバーブロール)
1994-01-28 Gaia Savior: Hero Saidai no Sakusen (SFC) (ガイアセイバー ヒーロ最大の作戦)
1994-03-04 Donald no Magical World (GG) With Yoko Wada.
1994-03-11 Crayon Shin-Chan: Arashi o Yobu Enji (MD) (クレヨンしんちゃん 嵐を呼ぶ園児)
1994-03-25 Araiguma Rascal: Raccoon Rascal (SFC) (あらいぐまラスカル)
1994-04-22 Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible (GG)
1994-07-15 Sansara Naga 2 (SFC) (サンサーラナーガ2) Sound Effects
1994-12-16 Umi Tsuri Mejin: Suzuki Hen (SFC) (海釣り名人 スズキ編)
1995-??-?? Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (GEN)
1995-01-27 Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S (GG) (美少女戦士 セーラームーンS)
1995-03-04 Super Mad Champ (SFC) (Superマッドチャンプ)
1995-03-17 Super Jangou (SFC) (スーパー雀豪)
1995-09-29 Metal Fighter Star Miku (SS)
1995-10-20 Sougou Kakutougi Rings: Astral Bout 3 (SFC) (総合格闘技リングス)
1996-02-02 Ninku: Tsuyokina Yatsura No Daigekitotsu! (SS)
1996-03-15 Fishing Koushien (SS) (フィッシング甲子園)
1996-05-31 Fishing Koushien (SFC) (フィッシング甲子園)
1996-11-15 Kensei: The King of Boxing (PS1)
1997-05-02 Kidou Senkan Nadesico: Yappari Ai ga Katsu? (SS)
1997-09-25 Momotarou Douchuuki (SS) (桃太郎道中記) Sound Effects
1998-02-19 Egg (PS1) Sound Porting
1998-03-12 Zutto Issho: With Me Everytime... (PS1)
1998-05-21 Contender (PS1) (ダイナマイトボクシング)
1998-08-31 Master of Monsters: Disciples of Gaia (PS1)
1998-12-23 Lord Monarch: Shin Gaia Oukokuki (PS1) (ロードモナーク~新・ガイア王国記~)
1999-06-01 Oekaki Logic (SFC) (お絵かきロジック)
1999-08-01 Columns (SFC) (コラムス)
1999-09-23 Maboroshi Tsukiyo (DC) (まぼろし月夜)
1999-11-01 Oekaki Logic 2 (SFC) (お絵かきロジック2)
1999-12-09 Vampire Hunter D (PS1) (バンパイアハンターD) Sound Design
2000-02-19 Pocket Billiard Fank: The 9 Ball (GBC)
2000-04-06 Maboroshi Tsukiyo (PS1) (まぼろし月夜)
2001-04-25 Oide Rascal (GBC) (おいでラスカル)
2001-09-21 Little Monica Monogatari (PC) (リトルモニカ物語)
2001-11-02 Inuyasha: Kagome no Sengoku Nikki (WSC) (犬夜叉~カゴメの戦国日記)
2001-12-27 Inuyasha (PS1) (犬夜叉)
2003-02-27 Slot! Pro DX: Fujiko 2 (PS2) (SLOT!PRO DX ~不二子2~)
2003-05-30 Himejoku: Princess Double Kari (PC)
2003-11-27 Karaoke Revolution: J-Pop Best Vol. 2 (PS2)
2003-11-28 Clover Heart's (PC)
2004-04-23 Realize (PC)
2004-04-30 Miss Each Other (PC)
2004-11-12 Fifth Aile (PC)
2004-11-26 Yoimachi Hime (PC)
2005-07-28 Pachi-Slot Winning Post (PS2)
2005-11-03 Mar Heaven: Arm Fight Dream (PS2) (メルヘヴン ARM FIGHT DREAM) Sound Effects
2006-02-24 Oshikake Scramble (PC)
2006-06-23 Summer Days (PC) (サマーデイズ)
2006-07-06 Brave Story (PS2) (ブレイブストーリー) Sound Effects
2006-09-28 Reel Fishing: The Great Outdoors (PSP) (フィッシュアイズ)
2007-09-06 Rezel Cross (PSP) (リゼルクロス) Sound Effects
2007-11-14 Petz: Catz 2 (WII) (にゃんこと魔法のぼうし)
2008-06-26 Breath: Toiki wa Akaneiro (NDS) (ブレス 吐息は茜色)
2008-07-03 Riku to Johan: Kaeta Nimai no E (NDS) (リクとヨハン~消えた2枚の絵)
2008-11-13 Magician's Quest: Mysterious Times (NDS) (とんがりボウシと魔法の365にち) Only 9 Song
2010-03-19 Cross Days (PC)
2010-06-24 Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side: 3rd Story (NDS) (ときめきメモリアル Girl's Side 3rd Story) Only 3 Song
2013-12-13 Brave Frontier (AND)
2013-12-13 Brave Frontier (iOS)
2015-05-23 School Days (AND) (スクールデイズ)
2015-11-12 Project X Zone 2 (3DS) (プロジェクトクロスゾーン2)
2018-02-22 Brave Frontier 2 (AND) (ブレイブフロンティア2)
2018-02-22 Brave Frontier 2 (iOS) (ブレイブフロンティア2)
Unreleased In Your Face (ARC)