Heroes of the Lance (NES)

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Heroes of the Lance
Heroes of the Lance - NES - USA.jpg
Platform: NES
Year: 1990
Developer: Natsume
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For other games in the series see DragonLance.

Heroes of the Lance is meant to be an action RPG based on the characters and settings from the Dragonlance book series. While the creators did include a great deal of references to the book series they did an awful job at making the game playable. Controlling your character is difficult to do, dieing is far too easy, monsters are annoyingly difficult, the menus are not intuitive, and the mapping system makes little sense. The game has a lot of potential because each character has their own unique abilities. Goldmoon can heal and resurrect, Raistlin can float and cast spells, Tasslehoff can disarm traps and jump well, Caramon is a great warrior, etc.

The game is often seen on lists of the top ten worst NES games lists. Most people that try to play the game never even make it out of the first room before giving up, let alone come anywhere near beating it. The game feels as though it was shipped far too early, but could have been fun if the developers had more time to work out the kinks. Fortunately, a much better sequel was released called Dragons of Flame (NES) which was pretty much a Zelda 2 ripoff. Unfortunately, it was only released in Japan.


Heroes of the Lance - NES - Title.png

The title screen.

Heroes of the Lance - NES - Character Intros.png

The heroes are introduced.

Heroes of the Lance - NES - Entering the Dungeon.png

Prepare for indigestion.

Heroes of the Lance - NES - Section 1.png

For some reason the game puts a priestess on point!

Heroes of the Lance - NES - Stats.png

Checking Tanis's stats.

Heroes of the Lance - NES - Section 2.png

Caramon battles with the smallest dragon ever.


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Heroes of the Lance - NES - Album Art.jpg

Of all the faults of this game, music is not one of them. The soundtrack is actually quite nice, especially the title music and victory music. The Boss music is pretty cool too because is speeds up as it goes on to make it more nerve-wracking. If only the boss wasn't so easy. The last track seems to be unused. It sounds like it should be used as a game over fanfare or when you get the bad ending, but neither section has music. Although the NES port does not have credits, the MSX port (which uses the same music) does, which is why this game is attributed to Seiji Toda. Iku Mizutani arranged Toda's music for the 8-bit NES. He did all of the sound programming. Iku's driver required the composer to write in hexadecimal and binary.


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Title Seiji TodaIku Mizutani 1:07
02 Section 1 Seiji TodaIku Mizutani 1:17
03 Section 2 Seiji TodaIku Mizutani 1:09
04 Section 3 Seiji TodaIku Mizutani 0:39
05 Waterfall Seiji TodaIku Mizutani 0:52
06 Boss Seiji TodaIku Mizutani 1:07
07 Ending Seiji TodaIku Mizutani 2:43
08 Unknown Seiji TodaIku Mizutani 0:04


(Source: MSX2 Credits, Verification from Iku, game lacks credits.)

Like many games at the time, the game lacks credits. This may have been a contractual obligation between FCI and Pony Canyon. Iku Mizutani has verified that he did the arrangements and created the sound driver. According to Mizutani, he had just started working for Natsume when the game was being developed.

Game Rip






Although Heroes of the Lance was only released in NTSC regions, most NSF rips online use an incorrect PAL timing. This rip has the correct NTSC timing.

Ripping NES music is a very arduous process that is beyond the scope of this site.


  USA.svg   USA
Heroes of the Lance - NES - USA.jpg
Title: Heroes of the Lance
Platform: NES
Released: 1991-01-??
Publisher: FCI, Inc.
  Japan.svg   Japan
Heroes of the Lance - NES - Japan.jpg
Title: ヒーロー・オブ・ランス (Heroes of the Lance)
Platform: Famicom
Released: 1991-03-08
Publisher: Pony Canyon, Inc.