Haruko Seto

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Haruko Seto
Local 瀬戸 春子 (せと はるこ)
Born Unknown
Birth Place Unknown
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg

Haruko Seto is a Japanese composer who worked for Bullet-Proof Software.


  • Note: Battle Storm (FC) gives credit to Haruko Suzuki. The Hatris Game Music CD gives credit to Haruko Seto, while a) the FC/NES versions do not, and b) the PC98 version gives credit to Haruko Suzuki. From these credits, it is thought that Seto may be her maiden name.
Released Title Sample Notes
1988-07-14 Super Black Onyx (FC) (スーパーブラックオニキス) With Hiroshi Suzuki and Jun Irie.
1990-07-06 Hatris (NES) (ハットリス) Composer?
1991-09-20 Pipe Dream (PC98) (パイプドリーム) With Hiroshi Suzuki.
1991-10-18 Hatris (PC98) (ハットリス) With Hiroshi Suzuki.
1991-12-21 Battle Storm (FC) (バトルストーム) Composer?
1992-03-27 Welltris (PC98) (ウェルトリス) With Hiroshi Suzuki and Takahisa Kabasawa.