Gordon Sumner

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Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner
Gordon Sumner - 1.jpg
Born October 2, 1951
Birth Place Wallsend, Northumberland, England
Nationality British   UK.svg
Aliases Sting

This page is for the British musician. For the Japanese game developer, see Sting.

Gordon Sumner (known by his stage name Sting) is a British musician and bassist, known for his work in the band The Police. The band produced many popular songs including Every Breath You Take and Message in a Bottle. At the peak of the band's career, Sting decided it was as good as the band would get and left the band to pursue his own solo career. Some of Sting's solo hits include "Fields of Gold", "I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying" and "You Still Touch Me". Sting still plays in his solo career to this day.

Gordon got the name Sting when he was playing in a jazz band and was wearing a black and yellow-striped shirt. His friend (also named Gordon) called him Sting and the name has stuck with him. According to Gordon, everybody, even his family calls him Sting. In 2021, he released his latest album "The Bridge".

While Gordon has never composed video game music, his songs have been used in video games.


Released Title Sample
2004-11-19 SingStar Party (PS2) Every Breath You Take
2007-??-?? Guitar Rock Tour (J2ME) Message in a Bottle
2007-04-03 Guitar Hero II (X360) Message in a Bottle
2007-07-24 Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80's (PS2) Synchronicity II
2008-06-22 Rock Band (WII) Roxanne
2008-11-04 Guitar Rock Tour (NDS) Message in a Bottle
2009-07-26 Guitar Hero World Tour (W64) Demolition Man (Live)
2007-09-01 Guitar Hero 5 (X360) So Lonely
2009-11-03 LEGO Rock Band (X360) Every Little Thing She Does is Magic
2010-09-24 Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock (X360) Money for Nothing
2010-10-26 Rock Band 3 (WII) Don't Stand So Close to Me