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Player - GoldWave.png
Creator GoldWave, Inc.
Released 1993-04-??
Platform Windows 64

GoldWave is a propriety audio editor for Windows that supports playback, editing, and saving of various audio formats as well as many audio modification effects.

There are two version of the program, a crippleware version that can be downloaded freely from their web site which only supports a certain number of edits per day, and the complete registered version.

The follow audio formats can be edited and played by GoldWave:

AIFF, AIFFC, ASF, AU, AVI (Audio layer), FLAC, IFF, M4A, MAT, MOV (Audio layer), MP3 (With LAME), OGG, OPUS, RAW, SDS, SMP, SND (NeXT), VOC, VOX, WAV, WMA, XAC

The last version to supported 32-bit Windows was v5.70. All future releases of Gold Wave can only run on 64-bit Windows.


Since GoldWave is still being sold, you can download the trial version or purchase it from the company's web site.