Ghosts - Ultima VII: The Black Gate (DOS)

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Ultima 7 - DOS - Graveyard.png
Composer Dana Glover
Arranger Dana Glover
Programmer Herman Miller
Released 1992-04-16
Length 0:44.15
BPM 100
Format MIDI.png
Game Ultima VII: The Black Gate (DOS)
Title Origin Game Location
Loops No

Ghosts is a suspicious-sounding tune that plays when dealing with matters of the dead. You will hear it in the Graveyard of Empath Abbey and when speaking to the undertaker, and when trying to solve the riddle of Penumbra's door. It also plays on at the Sultan's castle on the Island of Spektran.

This song is track 32 in the game's data files.

Ultima 7 - DOS - Penumbra.png