Game Over - Tetris (GB)

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Game Over
Composer Hirokazu Tanaka
Released 1989-06-14
Title Origin Game Location

Game Over is the song that plays when the player gets a Game Over in Tetris (GB).

The song was written by Hirokazu Tanaka in Z80 assembly using his sound driver. Hirokazu should be contacted for an official title.


Tetris (GB)

Platform - GB.png
Tetris (GB)
Output - Game Boy.svg
Tetris - GB - Gameplay 4.png
Arranger Hirokazu Tanaka
Released 1989-06-14
Length 0:02
BPM 112
Format GBS
Loops No

The song plays when the blocks fill the well and there is no more space to place blocks in the playing field, thus resulting in a game over screen. The text GAME OVER appears in a box, and underneath the box is the text PLEASE TRY AGAIN♥.

Tetris & Dr. Mario (SNES)

Platform - SNES.png
Tetris & Dr. Mario (SNES)
Output - SNES.svg
Arranger Kazumi Totaka, Yumiko Kametani, Hirokazu Tanaka
Released 1994-12-??
Format SPC

The song plays when the blocks fill up the well/playing field of the game, and the player receives a Game Over.