Game Over - Super Mario Bros. (NES)

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Game Over
Composer Koji Kondo
Released 1985-09-13
Title Origin Official
This page is for Super Mario Bros. (NES) song, for more titles see Game Over.

The Game Over fanfare plays when you have lost all of your lives.

The composer, Koji Kondo said that the song is supposed to 'say' that it's "time to try again," though probably in Japanese.

The title comes from the Famicom 20th Anniversary Original Sound Tracks Vol.1 album.


Super Mario Bros. (NES)

Platform - NES.png
Super Mario Bros. (NES)
Output - NES.svg
Output - NES.svg
Super Mario Bros. - NES - Game Over.png
Arranger Koji Kondo
Released 1985-09-13
Length 0:03
Format NSF
Loops No

In addition to the normal Game Over theme that plays when you lose all your lives, a more staccato version of the tune exists in the ROM, but is never played. This is probably an early version of the song that was just never removed. Koji Kondo should be contacted for an official explanation.

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