Game Over - Home Alone (NES)

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Game Over
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Home Alone - NES - Game Over 1.png
Composer George Sanger
Arranger Randy Linden
Released 1991-10-??
Length 0:10
BPM 225
Format NSF.png
Game Home Alone (NES)

Game Over is the song that plays when the player gets a Game Over in Home Alone (NES). It also plays during the ending screen.

Some copies of the game have a different Game Over screen where Kevin McAllister is doing the famous "Oh No" face. However, most copies only show a puff of smoke with "oh no!" written on it.

George Sanger wrote the song on Sonix for the Amiga. The music file was then converted to Randy Linden's sound driver.


The song is in the key of C major. The first square channel and triangle channel harmonize with each other, descending the C major scale for 8 quarter notes. The second square channel uses the lead instrument (horns?) as a solo. The first square channel uses the pizzicato strings-like instrument.

While the song is in 4/4 time, the last measure of the song is in 2/4. It is written at the tempo of 225 BPM. When the song loops, the noise channel adds an extra drum to the first notes of the song.


The gallery shows the shots of other stages where the song can be heard.