Game Boy Color

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Game Boy Color
Game Boy Color.png
Released: 1998-10-21
Discontinued: 2005-03-31
Developer: Nintendo
Type: Hardware

The Game Boy Color is a handheld game device created by Nintendo in 1998. It features a 32,768 color display, maximum 56 color display as an upgrade from the original Game Boy. , cartridge game system, stereo sound (through headphones), controls similar to the already popular Nintendo Entertainment System and with several new models. It was first released in Japan on October 22, 1998, in America on November 18, 1998, and in Europe - Australia on November 23, 1998.

Tetris (GB) was the best-selling Game Boy game but could be played on the Color console as it used default or changeable tones on Game Boy Color, Game Boy Color compatible games can be divided into three categories - Original Game Boy games (usually on gray cartridges), Game Boy Compatible Game Boy Color games (black, gold, and silver cartridges), and finally Game Boy Color exclusive games. games.

They can be used with Game Boy Color (transparent cartridge). The Game Boy Color, like the Super Game Boy peripheral, allows you to play four gray monochrome Game Boy games using 4 colors chosen from a palette of 32 pre-programmed colors.

Its flagship and best-selling game on the system was the legendary Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver (GBC).

The Game Boy Color was replaced by the Game Boy Advance, although it was backward compatible between them, it used the same sound chip of the Original Game Boy only bringing new models, games, accessories and a 56 color screen as a novelty. max on screen.



Nintendo made several improvements to the Game Boy Color, as they did to their legendary Game Boy, to keep it relevant in the handheld market, and it's designed to look like previous versions of the Game Boy. Despite the cosmetic changes, the sound chip remains the same on all models and is identical to the original Game Boy.

Released Model Notes
1998-10-21 Game Boy The design varied in colors, full size initial.
1998-11-?? Game Boy Color Atomic Purple Same hardware, but with a single crystal color to match the purple Nintendo 64 controller.

Music and Sound

The Game Boy Color's main CPU is the DMG-CPU B (same as Game Boy) which contains a built-in Programmable Sound Generator (PSG) capable of 2 waveforms, 1 waveform 4-bit PCM 32 programmable samples, 1 white noise channel, one cartridge audio input, mono speaker and stereo headphone jack.

This chip was used since it had to be compatible with the Game Boy, as it was owned by Nintendo but it gave a backward compatibility advantage until the Game Boy Advance with all the cartridges, it used the same sound system from the previous console and was compatible with Game Boy cartridges.