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Game Audio Player
Game Audio Player.png
Creator ANX Software
Released c. 2000
Platform Windows

Game Audio Player is a program that can play audio files from many DOS and Windows games directly from their game files. The player can also convert any of the supported audio formats into WAV. Since the program focuses on digital audio files, it can only play music from a game if the music used one of the supported formats.

Using the player is a little odd. Clicking on the main program drops it to the start bar and you must right-click on it and use functions from a context menu rather the continue using the user interface.

The following formats are supported by the player: ACM, ASF, AUD, BLB, BNK (EA), CLU, CMP, DMX, EACS, FST, ISS, MGI, MUS (Electronic Arts), MVE, NFS2, NFS3, RAW, SOL, VOC, VQA, WAV, and XA

Game Audio Player is no longer supported and the last release was made in 2001, but thankfully, the source code is available on GitHub.


Version Download Platform
1.32 Download - (info) Windows