Game Audio Decoder

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Game Audio Decoder
Player - Game Audio Decoder.png
Creator OShah
Released 2005-07-??
Platform foobar2000

Game Audio Decoder is a foobar2000 plugin that supports several video game audio formats including ASF (EA), AUD, IDX, ISS, MUS (EA Sports), RWD, SC68, and SFX. It can also play audio files still packaged in video game archive formats like Core Design's WAD format, EA's BIG format, Funcom Oslo's XARC format, and Creative Assembly's DAT format.

Unfortunately, the developer no longer supports the plugin, and it hasn't been updated since 2009. Though still compatible with the latest version of foobar2000, it must run in legacy mode. However, it still plays several formats not found elsewhere.

The SC68 functionality is turned off by default and requires the installation of additional software, though the link to the necessary software is dead.


Version Download Platform
1.10 Download - (info) foobar2000