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Founded 1990
Closed c. 1992
Headquarters Berlin, Germany

Game-o-ware was a label of Volker Strübing, Tobias Herre, and Uwe Beneke.

Strübing and Beneke met in 1988 at Computerklub in HdjT (House of Young Talents) where most attendees copied software. Herre attended a computer club in a different borough. On July 21, Herre helped Strübing combine Soundmonitor with the driver and samples of Title - To be on Top.

In February 1990, all unemployed, they created Atomino, which credits Game-o-ware for idea.

After Blue Byte bought Atomino, Strübing converted some of their songs from Amiga to DOS. In 1992, Game-o-ware started a science fiction flight simulation. Herre and Strübing dropped out because of "other things". Herre later guessed that they had overestimated the sales of games. Beneke stayed in the industry and co-founded YAGER Development in 1999.


Music Development

Commodore 64

Herre programmed drivers, and Strübing arranged using a 6581 chip and Herre's Extra-Sound music editor.


Strübing's arrangements are in the MDI format, and a few of the OPL2 instruments (especially drums) are from Ad Lib's STANDARD.BNK, so he most likely arranged in AdLib Visual Composer (1.5 or newer) and AdLib Instrument Maker using a mouse and optimized them using ROL to MIDI.

Audio Personnel

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