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Player - GEMS.png
Creator Jonathan Miller, Burt Sloane, Chris Grigg, Mark Miller
Released 1991-??-??
Platform DOS

GEMS (Genesis Editor for Music and Sound Effects) is a piece of proprietary music software for DOS used solely for creating music on the Sega Genesis and Sega 32X in the proprietary format MOD (GEMS). The program was created by Jonathan Miller, Burt Sloane, Chris Grigg and Mark Miller. The program is MIDI compatible to make it easier to use.

A precursor to GEMS was also made, and a few early Genesis games use the driver, such as Art Alive and Fantasia.

A total of 221 Genesis and 32X games used GEMS for music and sound.

GEMS was heavily criticized by video game music listeners because of its low fidelity in instrument design, and many cited SMPS as the superior player.

Like the Kankichi-kun driver used by Nintendo for the SNES, the driver was loaned out to several developers and modified, such as Brian Schmidt, Novotrade, Eastridge Technology, Andy Brock and Don Veca, and as a result, there are many,variants.


The following composers used GEMS:


Version Download Platform Notes
2.1 Download - (info) DOS Includes source for several versions.