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Future Composer
Future Composer - C64 - Demo 3.png
Creator Juha Granberg
Released 1988-06-20
Platform Commodore 64
For the example songs, see Future Composer (C64).

Future Composer is an unofficial editor for Maniacs of Noise's early Commodore 64 music driver.

Granberg had previously written an unofficial editor (not used in games) for Antony Crowther's driver. Now, his groupmates at FIG wanted an editor for Rob Hubbard's. FIG found a song to start from in an intro by TLI (itself found in front of Lawn Tennis (C64) as cracked by TLI). FIG released their own arrangements on April 15 and learned till June 20 that aforementioned song and driver were in fact by Maniacs of Noise (MON had hidden a credit in that driver, but TLI had deliberately erased it).

Both members of MON threatened with lawsuits if further versions were released. According to FIG's musician Sami Seppä, Granberg apologized and agreed. However, other C64 scene groups added new menus, support for three tracks, editors for drums, filters and credits, and a better driver from Hawkeye (C64). RoMuzak can convert Future Composer V1.0 songs.

Early Future Composer versions were probably the widest-spread music editors in the late 1980s, but remained cryptic and limited, yielding many substandard remixes and songs with the same instruments, especially drums.


The following composers used Future Composer on at least one game:

The following composers used Future Composer before scoring games:

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