Fletcher Beasley

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Fletcher Beasley
Fletcher Beasley - 1.jpg
Birth Place USA
Nationality American   USA.svg
Aliases F Beasley, Spidersoft

Fletcher Beasley is an American composer and sound designer who is a pioneer in the video game music industry. In 1984, he attended the University of Washington and graduated in 1987. Then, he attended the University of California in Los Angeles and graduated in 1989. In July 1991, he started working at Voyager Company for technical support. In September 1992, his video game music career began at Adrenalin Entertainment. He stayed there until April 1996. In the summer of 1996, Fletcher started working at Digital Domain until March 1997. In 2000, Fletcher composed music and sound for games and commercials at Beat Revolution Music + Sound up until October 2006. In October 2001, he lectured at the University of California in San Diego for advanced sound, and kept this position until March 2002. At the beginning of 2006, he was also a lecturer for audio at Chapman University. In March 2009, Fletcher worked at UCLA teaching film scoring. Ever since March 1997, August 2003, and January 2011, Beasley has been working at three companies; Fletcher Beasley Music, Santa Monica College, and Cal State Long Beach.


Released Title Sample Notes
1993-??-?? Poker Face Paul's Blackjack (GG)
1993-??-?? Trivial Pursuit (SCD)
1993-??-?? X-Men (GEN)
1994-??-?? Poker Face Paul's Poker (GG)
1994-??-?? World Series Baseball (GEN) Sound Effects, Speech Compression Technology, Electronic Speech Systems
1995-??-?? Doom Troopers (GEN)
1995-??-?? Spider-Man: The Animated Series (GEN)
1995-02-?? Spider-Man (SNES)
1995-11-?? Doom Troopers (SNES)
1997-02-28 Into the Void (W16)
2005-??-?? Ultimate Spider-Man (PS2) Sound Designer
2005-09-21 Ultimate Spider-Man (GC) Sound Designer

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