Final Lap (FC)

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Final Lap
Final Lap - FC.jpg
Platform: FC
Year: 1988
Developer: Arc System Works

Final Lap is a racing simulation game based on Namco's arcade game of the same name, and brought to the Famicom courtesy of Arc System Works. It is also the successor to Namco's popular arcade game Pole Position. The main goal of the game is to win the championship. You do this by qualifying the fastest time for each track, and winning races to increase your score. Whoever has the highest score at the end of the championship wins. You also win prize money depending on your position, which allows you to upgrade your car. The game also has a two player horizontal splitscreen mode. The game takes advantage of the Namco N163 technology.

The game was released exclusively in Japan under Namco's other name, Namcot. However, the game is completely in English, so western gamers shouldn't have too much trouble picking up and playing the game. The game spawned several sequels, the next of which was the first two be released in North America, Final Lap Twin (TG16).


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Final Lap - FC - Title Screen.png

The title screen.


Final Lap takes advantage of Namco's N163 expansion audio, and uses 4 of the 8 available extra channels. While most of the songs are pretty good and lengthy, the Race Themes leave a lot to be desired. The race themes don't take advantage of the N163 and only stick to the Famicom's 2A03. In addition, the songs are shorter and sound rushed. The third race theme doesn't even use the triangle channel and sounds unfinished compared to the rest of the songs as a result.


# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Menu Theme Junya Kozakai 2:18
02 Race Theme 1 Junya Kozakai 2:39
03 Race Theme 2 Junya Kozakai 2:05
04 Race Theme 3 Junya Kozakai 1:11
05 Game Over Junya Kozakai 2:45
06 Win Championship Junya Kozakai 2:50
07 Final Result Junya Kozakai 2:34


(Source: Musical style comparison, verification from sound programmer; game lacks credits.)

Neither the game or manual have credits. However, the music shares similarities to Junya Kozakai's music style, and he was one of Arc's main composers at the time. Games like Pizza Pop and Shinseiki Grand Prix share an identical musical style and were developed around the same time as this game. As a result, we have attributed the music to him. Minoru Kidooka gave us verification that he programmed Arc's NES sound driver.

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Game Rip

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Final Lap - FC.jpg
Title: ファイナルラップ (Final Lap)
Platform: FC
Released: 1988-08-12
Publisher: Namcot, Ltd.


Final Lap
Final Lap Platform - ARC.png • Platform - FC.png
Final Lap Twin Platform - TG16.png
Final Lap 2 Platform - ARC.png
Final Lap 3 Platform - ARC.png
Final Lap R Platform - ARC.png
Final Lap 2000 Platform - WSC.png
Final Lap Special: GT & Formula Machine Platform - WSC.png
Notable Personnel Junya Kozakai • Minoru Kidooka • Katsuhiro Hayashi • Cube
Notable Companies Namco • Arc System Works