Festering Nest

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Festering Nest
Output - PCM.svg
Hellfire - W32 - Hive.png
Composer Matt Uelmen
Arranger Matt Uelmen
Released 1997-11-24
Length 3:58.66
Format WAV.png
Game Hellfire (W32)
Title Origin Game Location
Loops Yes

Festering Nest is the ambient track that plays as you explore the hive dungeon in Hellfire, the map denotes it as "Nest."

Matt Uelmen originally composed the song for Diablo, but didn't feel it was good enough for the game, lamenting the "fake, rubbery fretless bass sound in the lead," and it was left out. The song was later resurrected for the Hellfire expansion with a slightly altered buzzing intro, probably added by Craig Utterback to make it fit the theme better.

The song can be extracted from the HFMusic.mpq file where it is designated "DLvlE".