Fasttracker II

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Fasttracker II
Player - Fasttracker II.png
Creator Triton
Released 1994-11-??
Platform DOS

Fasttracker II is a tracker for DOS made by Fredrik "Mr. H" Huss and Magnus "Vogue" Högdahl from the demogroup Triton. The tracker allows composers to use digital sampled instruments to compose music in MOD or its native XM format. Songs can also be exported to WAV audio. Instruments can be imported from WAV or IFF files. The program is MIDI-compatible, and users can use a MIDI keyboard for easier input. Fasttracker II allows a maximum of 32 tracks. Fasttracker II has been used to make music for some N64 games.

There is also an interesting feature in Fasttracker II called Nibbles, which is the game Snake.

There is a free Windows program called MilkyTracker which is the spiritual successor of Fasttracker II.


Version Download Platform
2.09 Download - (info) DOS
2.04 Download - (info) DOS