Failure Horns

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Failure Horns
Composer Mark Goodson and Bill Todman
Released 1972-??-??
Title Origin Official

The Failure Horns(Bum, Bum, Ba-Bummmmm WAHHHHHHHHHHH!) is one of the cues of The Price is Right. The tune is played when the contestant failed to compete the pricing game, or if both winning contestants went double overbid on The Showcase finale. It starts with a tuba playing the first note of The Price is Right theme, Follow by trombones making a "groaning" sound.


The Price is Right (A2GS)

Platform - A2GS.png
The Price is Right (A2GS)
Output - DOC.svg
TPIR Failure Horns.png
Arranger Unknown
Released 1990-??-??
Length 0:07
Format UNK
Loops NO