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Factor 5
Founded 1987
Headquarters Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
San Rafael, California, U.S.

Factor 5 is an independent software and video game developer. The company was co-founded by five former Rainbow Arts employees in 1987 in Cologne, Germany, which served as the inspiration behind the studio's name.

It is notable for the Turrican franchise, as well as many Star Wars games, and a contractor for LucasArts.


Music Development


Chris Hülsbeck developed a custom driver which was used in Jim Power: The Lost Dimension in 3D. Later, Jens Petersam, Jan Delgado, Rudolf Stember, Dirk Jagalski, Willi Bäcker, Holger Schmidt and Peter Drescher all developed a custom sound driver, TROET Sound System. TROET appears to be MIDI-based, given the dynamic channel allocation.


Chris Hülsbeck also programmed AUDIOS Wave Slave MD, which he used for Mega Turrican.

International Superstar Soccer Deluxe uses a variant of TROET, which is credited to Jens Petersam, Willi Bäcker, Thomas Engel, and Dirk Jagalski.


For their Game Boy games, the company used a custom sound driver from an unknown programmer.

For the Game Boy Color, the company developed MusyX, a MIDI-based sound driver. While no games from the company used the driver, MusyX was licensed to various developers.


Factor 5 developed a variation of MusyX. Like the Game Boy Color before it, MusyX was licensed to various companies.

Audio Personnel