Excitebike (NES)

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Excitebike - NES - USA.jpg
Platform: NES
Year: 1984
Developer: Nintendo R&D1
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Excitebike is a side-scrolling racing game that lets the player rev up their dirt bike engines and fly over the hills and through the mud pits. The game is pretty fun at first with a gradual learning curve. However, after only a few plays, most gamers will have beaten every track, even when you include the computer-controlled bikers that get in your way to make the tracks harder. And with only five tracks to ride on, the game can lose its replay value in only a couple hours.

Luckily, the game developers also made a designer mode where you can create your own tracks. You get to place your own jumps to challenge your friends to beat your best times. Unfortunately, the save and load commands don't work on non-Japanese releases of the game, and Excitebike was released before battery save games existed, so the only way to keep your track around is to never turn off your NES.

Another failure of Excitebike is the lack of two-player mode. Although you can race against computer opponents, they don't actually race the track. They simply appear on the screen at random times, and only exist to get in your way; never affecting the race's standings. Racing fake AI bikers is nowhere near as exciting playing simultaneously with your friends. The sequel, Vs. Excitebike (FDS), did allow simultaneous multiplayer, as well as the ability to save multiple tracks, but unfortunately, it was never released in the USA.


Excitebike - NES - Title.png

The title screen.

Excitebike - NES - Track Select.png

Choosing the track I want to race on.

Excitebike - NES - Race Start.png

At the start of the race.

Excitebike - NES - Computer Opponent.png

Racing against the computer opponents.

Excitebike - NES - Big Jump.png

One of the larger jumps in the game.

Excitebike - NES - Design Mode.png

Creating my own track in design mode.


The game was released very early in the life of the NES and on a very small ROM, so Akito Nakatsuka couldn't do much other than compose a few short, but catchy, jingles. Anyone who has played the game will immediately remember them.

When the game was released for the Disk System, the game was given a completely new soundtrack by Soyo Oka. Though Akito was her supervisor for the game, and the game uses his sound driver, he did not write any music for the game.


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Title BGM 1 Akito NakatsukaAkito Nakatsuka 0:08
02 Title BGM 2 Akito NakatsukaAkito Nakatsuka 0:08
03 Title BGM 3 Akito NakatsukaAkito Nakatsuka 0:08
04 Start BGM Akito NakatsukaAkito Nakatsuka 0:07
05 Victory Stand BGM Akito NakatsukaAkito Nakatsuka 0:07


(Sources: Credits from Excitebike: World Rally (WII), High Score from Vs. srcade Port. The game lacks credits)

Although the NES game lacks credits, Excitebike: World Rally (WII) credits the music of the NES soundtrack to Akito Nakatsuka. Also, the Vs. arcade port probably credits Nakatsuka in the default high score list as "A.K" in slot #7. Yukio Kaneoka, may also be credited in the high scores as "Y.K" in slot #2, though his role is unconfirmed.


Famicom Music

Famicom Music.jpg


Game Rip






This rip contains all of the game's sound effects as well as the music.

Ripping NES music is a very arduous process that is beyond the scope of this site.


  Japan.svg   Japan
Excitebike - NES - Japan.jpg
Title: エキサイトバイク (Excitebike)
Platform: Famicom
Released: 1984-11-30
Publisher: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
  USA.svg   USA
Excitebike - NES - USA.jpg
Title: Excitebike
Platform: NES
Released: 1985-10-18
Publisher: Nintendo of America, Inc.
  EU.svg   EU
Excitebike - NES - EU.jpg
Title: Excitebike
Platform: NES
Released: 1986-09-01
Publisher: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
  South Korea.svg   South Korea
Title: 익사이트 바이크 (Excitebike)
Platform: Famicom
Released: 198?-??-??
Publisher: Nintendo Co., Ltd.