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Founded 1989
Headquarters Sausalito, California, USA

Equilibrium was an American game developer. They originally developed automated media processing solutions, but they started developing video games. Later on, the company stopped developing video games, leading to the firing of most of their staff.


Music Development


The only game Equilibrium wrote is Fox's Peter Pan & the Pirates: The Revenge of Captain Hook (NES). The sound driver is written by Jeff Lefferts and it was written on assembly. Ed Bogas is the only composer who did the music. It was licensed to Tengen for Cyberball (NES).


The composers also wrote files on assembly, using a driver written by Dan Filner and it was converted to the Z80 processor chip used by the DMG-CPU-B. The music composers Equilibrium wrote are Ed Bogas and Amy Dyson. Its driver was later used by Halestorm and 3d6 Games.


The company itself contracted programmer Lawrence Hiler, of Chip Level Designs to program his own version of the Kankichi-kun sound software used by Nintendo. The driver would be the basis of this sound driver that was used by most American developers. Ed Bogas wrote the music in assembly, using sheet music, while Gary Clayton did the sound effects for the games.

Audio Personnel

These composers worked at Equilibrium: