Ending - Yuuyuu Jinsei (PCE)

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Composer Takeaki Kunimoto
Released 1985-12-15
Title Origin Official
Loops No

Ending is a song by Takeaki Kunimoto and used in the game Yuuyuu Jinsei for the PC Engine.

Takeaki wrote the music in FM Music Composer II on his Yamaha CX-7 MSX2. He sent his compositions via demo tapes to Hudson Soft, where Toshiaki Takimoto implemented it into the game's audio driver by Takayuki Iwabuchi.

The song's title comes from Kinoko Kunimoto Takeaki History Vol.5: Katoken. Its title, エンディング (Endingu) directly translates to Ending.


Yuuyuu Jinsei (PCE)

Platform - PCE.png
Yuuyuu Jinsei (PCE)
Output - Hudson.svg
Yuuyuu Jinsei - PCE - Ending.png
Arranger Toshiaki Takimoto
Programmer Takayuki Iwabuchi
Released 1988-04-22
Length 0:32
Format HES, VGZ

The song is played during the ending cutscene.

If the player presses the Select button during the screen that reads おしまい (The End), they are taken to a secret screen with caricatures of the game's development team. While Takeaki Kunimoto is not among them, Toshiaki Takimoto is present and credited with sound programming.

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