Ending - Pyros (ARC)

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Composer Osamu Ohta
Released 1987-12-01
Title Origin Official
Loops Yes

Ending plays in two of the three versions of Pyros when the player beats the game and gets to view the ending sequence. The Genesis version plays an original song based on Nodoka and as a result, does not have this song.

The song title is taken from the album TATSUJIN ~TOA PLAN GAME MUSIC SCENE ONE~. The title, Ending (エンディング) means Ending.


Pyros (ARC)

Platform - ARC.png
Pyros (ARC)
Output - OPL2.svg
Wardner no Mori - ARC - Ending.png
Arranger Osamu Ohta
Released 1987-12-01
Length 0:14
Format UNK

This is the original composition of Ending as composed by Osamu Ohta. The song plays during the ending sequence.

The song plays on a YM3812. Osamu wrote the music in MML in Masahiro Yuge's sound driver.

Wardner no Mori (FDS)

Platform - FDS.png
Wardner no Mori (FDS)
Output - FDS.svg
Wardner no Mori - FDS - Ending.png
Arranger Noboru Koshinaka, Isao Mizuguchi
Released 1988-03-25
Length 0:18
BPM 150
Format NSF

The song also plays during the ending sequence.

The song was arranged by Noboru Koshinaka and/or Isao Mizuguchi into Koshinaka's sound driver. The song does not use the FDS's RP2C33.