Eggerland: Journey to the Creation (FDS)

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Eggerland: Journey to the Creation
Eggerland - FDS - Japan.jpg
Platform: FDS
Year: 1988
Developer: HAL Laboratory

Eggerland: Journey to the Creation (エッガーランド: 創造への旅立ち Eggerland: Souzou heno Tabidachi) is a part of the Eggerland series. The storyline isn't really known since there is no storyline in the game. All you see is Lolo, the main character walk into a castle, and the doors shut behind him. There are 50 rounds in the game, which is less than the other Eggerland Famicom games. The game is unique out of all the other Eggerland titles for Famicom, allowing the player to create their own levels.

Like the other Eggerland games, the objective of each stage is simple; collect all the heart frames and then collect the orb inside the treasure box to proceed to the next level. It won't be easy though; King Egger has sent forth his enemies to take care of you. Lolo must use certain tactics to get by, such as trapping the enemies or knocking them off the screen temporarily.


Eggerland Souzou heno Tabidachi - FDS - Title Screen.png

Title screen.

Eggerland Souzou heno Tabidachi - FDS - Gameplay 1.png

The intro cutscene.

Eggerland Souzou heno Tabidachi - FDS - Gameplay 2.png

Don't let the Medusa get you, Lolo!

Eggerland Souzou heno Tabidachi - FDS - Congratulations.png

Hey, they spelled 'Congratulations' correctly!

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Like a lot of HAL's early games, this game has a very short soundtrack. The only song you'll hear throughout the whole game is the infamous stage theme from Adventures of Lolo (NES), except it's been tuned down a whole step to the key of F, same with the Game Over music. Interestingly, the main game only has one song throughout while the construction mode contains three other BGM tunes. There are no official track names for the songs, but the construction mode calls the songs "BGM". The ending music is also shortened compared to the Eggerland games.

This was the only Eggerland game on the Famicom not to contain staff credits, but the others, which share the same songs credit Hideki Kanazashi for composition and Hiroaki Suga for sound programming.


# Title ComposerProgrammer Length Listen Download
01 BGM 1 Hideki KanazashiHiroaki Suga 1:01
02 BGM 2 Hideki KanazashiHiroaki Suga 0:40
03 BGM 3 Hideki KanazashiHiroaki Suga 0:40
04 BGM 4 Hideki KanazashiHiroaki Suga 0:55
05 Game Over Hideki KanazashiHiroaki Suga 0:03
06 Congratulations Hideki KanazashiHiroaki Suga 0:35


(Sources: Eggerland (FDS), Eggerland: Meikyuu no Fukkatsu (FC); Game lacks credits.)

Game Rip





Download 6 KB

The game contains only the six songs in the game and no sound effects. The recording was made in VirtuaNSF, except for BGM 1 (since it does not play properly in VirtuaNSF, which was recorded in NSFPlay for Winamp.) Ripping NES music is a very arduous process that is beyond the scope of this site.


  Japan.svg   Japan
Eggerland - FDS - Japan.jpg
Title: エッガーランド: 創造への旅立ち (Eggerland: Journey to the Creation)
Platform: FDS
Released: 1988-08-20
Publisher: HAL Laboratory