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Series pages house information specific to an entire game series. Details about each section and when you should use them can be read below. For an example of a series page that meets the VGMPF standards, see Bionic Commando.


Each series page should have as many of the following section pages as possible.


Series pages must use the Infobox Series template. The template automatically adds the page to the series category. Try to fill in as many of the fields as possible.


When selecting an image for the series, choose one that best represents the entire series from beginning to end. This is usually done by using the most recent logo, but sometimes sequels aren't nearly as popular as an earlier game, so the earlier logo is preferred. Strive for SVG graphics where possible. PNG is acceptable if SVG isn't possible. JPG should only be used if the source image is in JPG format, and the series logo hasn't been isolated.


This is the date of the first-released media in this series, even if the series didn't begin with a video game

Last Release

The date of the last officially-released media for this series, even if it wasn't a video game.


A link to the official Web site of this series, provided one exists.


The general section appears at the top of the page and doesn't have a header. This section should include the series title, who created it, when it was created, and the primary genre and theme of the series.


This section should include a comprehensive list of all the games in the series and each platform on which the game was released. If a port doesn't have music, include the game without a link, and specify that it lacks music.

Notable Songs

This section should include links to song pages for songs popular throughout the series. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list of every song from every game. It should be sorted based on the popularity of the songs.

Notable Audio Personnel

This section houses a picture gallery of the notable composers from the series with a brief description of their contributions. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list. It should be sorted based on the impact the people had on the music of the series.

Notable Companies

This section houses a picture gallery of the logos of the notable companies who have had an impact on the series. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list. It should be sorted based on the impact each company has had on the series, but the series creator should always be the first company.

Logo History

The logo at the top of the page should be the game's most current official logo, however, if there have been notable logos in the past, they should be included here in a picture gallery sorted in reverse chronological order.


The links section should links to other pages dedicated to this video game series as a whole, not pages that focus on a single game.

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