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Platform pages are for video game console systems (like the Nintendo Entertainment System), computer systems (like the Commodore 64), and operating systems (like Microsoft Windows). Platforms that don't support music or complex sound effects, like the Magnavox Odyssey, should not be added.


All of the following applicable sections should be included in a platform's page.


Each platform page should begin with a platform template which will include some basic information about the platform and set the page into the necessary categories.


The platform's general description should give simple details about the platform including the companies that developed and published it, when it was released, if it had various models or alternate names, its primary competing platforms, when it was discontinued (if it was), and any other pertinent information.


Include a link to the platform's games category as well as 20 popular games on the system. Try to focus on games that were primarily released on the platform rather than popular ports from other systems and those with particularly good music.

Models / Versions

For hardware-based platforms, use the Models header and list the various models that include hardware similar to the original. For software-based platforms, use the Versions and list the major releases of the software.

Music and Sound

Describe the system's audio hardware in detail including all popular sound cards, audio chips, and audio protocols.


Explain any common or interesting methods audio programmers and composers used to develop music on the audio hardware of this platform.


Any links to helpful platform pages should be included here especially to authorities on the platform like Wikipedia.

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