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The Video Game Music Preservation Foundation Main Page houses the latest updates to the site and quick navigational links for users to get where they need to go. Each section is detailed below:



This is a basic navigation area for the most popular page categories. It should not be edited except by administrators.

Latest Soundtracks

This section is for newly recorded soundtracks. Each time a new recording has been uploaded, add a picture of the game's box with the title below. If the game doesn't have a box, you may use the VGMPF album art or a screenshot. This section should contain 6 games. You should add a game to this section when one of the following conditions are met:

  1. A new game's soundtrack is completed (or mostly completed).
  2. A soundtrack for new hardware for an existing game is added. For example, the original soundtrack was recorded using AdLib, but now an MT-32 recording has been added.
  3. A major flaw in existing game's soundtrack is fixed. For example, the original soundtrack didn't have proper looping, but the new soundtrack does, or a more accurate recording has supplanted a poor-quality recording.


This section showcases major Wiki updates including major game page updates, or new or majorly updated composers, hardware, formats, etc. It can also be used to mention site milestones (like when the site hits 1,000 games), official video game album releases, or upcoming large events related to gaming. Limit this list to 10.

Top 5 Songs of the Month

This section includes the previous month's top five most downloaded songs. It is maintained by TheAlmightyGuru.

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