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The following are rules for uploading graphics to the VGMPF.


Screenshots must be in PNG format at the same resolution of the game in native mode (do not use scalers, anti-aliasing, color enhancement, etc.). For example, if you're getting screenshots of a Nintendo 64 game, your emulator should probably be set to the game's default resolution (often 320x240). Temporary screenshots in JPG can be added, but they should be edited and added to the Category:Needs Pixel Perfect Screenshot category.

Try to take screenshots that give a good idea of how the game plays. The first screenshot should always be the title (or equivalent), then, try to include game play, menus, etc. Avoid spoilers where possible. Since children view this site, avoid screenshots which contain adult imagery (nudity, gory violence, etc.). If it can't be avoided, censor the image.


Box scans must be in JPG format. Large scans that are clean from watermarks are preferred. If a box is low-quality or has a watermark, you should add it to the Category:Needs Cleaner Box Art category. For games that require pictures (like arcade cabinets), photographs should be in JPG format as well and include as much of the arcade's exterior and input console as possible.


Photographs of audio personal should be as large and clean as possible. Photos must be in JPG format, but screenshots from games that include pictures of the audio personal must be in PNG format.


Professional video game soundtrack album scans must be in JPG format. Large scans that are clean from watermarks are preferred.

VGMPF Album Art


Audio software box scans or photos should be in JPG format while screenshots should be in PNG format.


Photos of video game systems or audio devices should be in JPG format.


Logos used for companies and game series should be in SVG format if possible. Failing that, a high-resolution PNG format with an isolated logo. If neither exist, use JPG. Do not take an existing JPG logo and convert it to PNG unless you have isolated the logo.

Sheet Music

Digitally created sheet music should be in PNG format, while scans or photos of printed sheet music should be in JPG.

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