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Eden Entertainment Software
EdenEntertainmentSoftware logo.png
Founded 1991
Headquarters UK

Eden Entertainment Software Limited was an English developer founded by Stuart Middleton and Tim Round from Arc Developments. It was incorporated on 25 October 1991 and liquidated on 29 July 1996.

Its initial intent was to do conversion work to Sega consoles. The company initially operated out of an unused storeroom above a video rental store in Walsall, England. After several projects they expanded their staff and moved into a larger office building in the same town. They had employed up to 14 people at one point and focused on conversion work. The company eventually ran out of money after a large contract was dropped by the publisher and they failed to find replacement work in time.

Its first game was the Amiga and Genesis versions of Alien 3 for Probe Software. They were also responsible for the Genesis version of Data East's arcade game Joe and Mac. The developer also made two games for the Genesis that were never released; Dragon's Lair, a conversion of the SNES game, and Wacky Races, a Mario Kart-esque racer.


Music Development


For RoboCop 3, Eden outsourced its audio to Teeny Weeny Games. Matt Furniss wrote the music on an untitled Atari Mega ST tracker by Shaun Hollingworth. For Arena: Maze of Death, Paul Latham wrote his music using Martin Walker's sound driver.


For most of their games, Eden outsourced the audio to Krisalis Software. Matt Furniss wrote the music using a tracker programmed by Shaun Hollingworth.

The unreleased Genesis Dragon's Lair and Wacky Races games used a driver created by its founders Stuart Middleton and Tim Round.

Audio Personnel

The following composers worked at Eden Entertainment Software: