Ecossaise in D major

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Ecossaise in D major
Composer Frédéric Chopin
Released 1855-??-??
Title Origin Official

Ecossaise in D major is the first of 3 Ecossaises, Op.72 No.3: piano pieces inspired by Scottish (French: écossais) dances.


Between prints (released after the composer's death), the score differs a bit. Generally, it is in D major, 2/4, and at 108 BPM. Some bass notes are written with staccato, and bar 6 sometimes starts with an additional F♯ (in fact matching bars 2 and 3).


Avoid the Noid (DOS)

Platform - DOS.png
Avoid the Noid (DOS)
Output - OPL2.svg
Output - PC Speaker.svg
Output - PC Speaker.svg
Avoid the Noid - DOS - Floors 13-15.png
Arranger Unknown
Programmer Unknown
Released 1989-??-?? (OPL2), 1990-01-??
Length 0:22.33 (OPL2), 0:20.82 (PC Speaker)
BPM 90 (OPL2), 91 (PC Speaker)
Format UNK
Loops Yes

When you ascend from floor 12 to 13, or descend from floor 16 to 15, Ecossaise in D major loops. It pauses as the close-up Noid appears, and restarts (version 1.0) or resumes (version 1.1) as the floors reappear.

Only the first 17 bars have been arranged, and with a few bum notes at that. Particularly the ottava alta line over bars 6–8 (except the first and last note) has been overlooked.

On the OPL2 sound chip, all 5 tracks play on Ad Lib's PIANO1 instrument at 75% volume. This was recorded from the game on a real Pentium 60 MHz with a Sound Blaster 16 CT1740.

For the monophonic PC Speaker, only the highest treble was typed, and at a more stiff rhythm: All durations turned into eighth triplets, except for the eighths, which became sixteenths. The gamer can toggle between legato and staccato, and both were recorded using a microphone.