Droppin' tha Trou

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Droppin' tha Trou
Output - PCM.svg
Age of Empires 2 The Conquerors - W32 - Credits.png
Composer Stephen Rippy, Kevin McMullan
Arranger Stephen Rippy, Kevin McMullan
Released 2000-08-25
Length 3:57
Format MP3.png
Game Age of Empires II: The Conquerors (W32)
Title Origin Official
Loops No

Droppin' tha Trou is the song that is played when watching the credits for the game. It one of the traditional credits songs with a quite different, more laid back, musical style.

The credits track was used as a kind of musical break to the artists, where completely different inspirations could be used in the song. For this particular piece, Stephen Rippy and Kevin McMullan took inspiration from their garage band origins.

The track was composed by Stephen Rippy and Kevin McMullan. A more broad variety of instruments were used to create this piece of music. Stephen Rippy used his usual Boss DSS-330 synthesizer and E-mu ESI-32 sampler, but also played the bass, percussion and electric guitar on the track. Kevin McMullan played a drum kit, percussion, and both acoustic and electric guitar. Finally, Chris Rippy contributed by playing electric guitar. The mixing and editing was done using SoundForge.

In the game, it is one of the few tunes (together with Quest for Jam, Uluzah, Carne y Helado and Rich Corinthian Leather) that is stored as an MP3 file and not played directly off the CD. The reason for this was to save disc space since they were not played during actual game action and were therefore less prominent.

The song title has been confirmed by Stephen Rippy.