Drei Drachentöter (C64)

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Drei Drachentöter
Compute mit 3-88.jpg
Platform: Commodore 64
Year: 1988
Developer: Matthias Kriesell

Drei Drachentöter (German for Three dragonslayers) is a Commodore 64 adaption of the ancient strategy game Nim.

Many hundred years ago, a dragon steals the king's wine supply. Furious, the king orders his three most courageous knights to kill the dragon and bring back the wine. All knights are controlled by two players: Every turn, you must move a knight forwards by at least one tile. When he steps on the tile in front of the dragon, he angrily jumps (to the dragon's confusion). The first two knights get burned, but the third one wins, and the dragon bolts backwards. Why? According to the manual, nobody knows.

The game was fully programmed in 6502 assembly and is cutely animated. For a hobbyist game made by one person (with additional graphics from a relative), it is nicely done, but does not really offer anything over real life.


Drei Drachentöter - C64 - Main Menu.png

The main menu.

Drei Drachentöter - C64 - Start.png

Today, the computer begins.

Drei Drachentöter - C64 - Select.png

He made his move, now whom do I move?

Drei Drachentöter - C64 - Move.png

Him and there.

Drei Drachentöter - C64 - Destin-y-ation.png

Funny fight.

Drei Drachentöter - C64 - Won.png

Happens a lot.


After about an hour of tedious typing and fixing typos (thankfully found by checksums) and 45 seconds of waiting, warm classical music loops. Whether it was directly arranged in assembly or converted into source code using a tool is unknown, but the driver is clearly optimized to the song. While a knight walks, jumps, or burns, one voice of harmony is muted to make room for sound effects.


The only song was recorded from the main menu on a real PAL C64C with an 8580 R5 4091.

# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Präludium As-Dur Frédéric ChopinMatthias Kriesell 2:10



Game Rip






Audio Devices

This game uses the computer's built-in SID chip and sounds the same on every one of them. An official NTSC release is unlikely.


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Compute mit 3-88.jpg
Title: Compute mit 3/88 (Compute along 3/88)
Platform: Commodore 64
Released: 1988-02-??
Publisher: Tronic-Verlag GmbH