Dragon Warrior (NES)

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Dragon Warrior
Dragon Warrior - NES - USA.jpg
Platform: NES
Year: 1986
Developer: Chunsoft Co., Ltd.
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For other games in the series, see Dragon Quest.

Dragon Warrior AKA Dragon Quest is one of the first role-playing games to make it to the NES. You play a knight, one of the last descendents of a legendary hero known as Erdrick. It is your job to seek out and defeat the Dragonlord, and return the stolen the ball of light to King Lorick. The game uses the now-standard top-down view where the player can see the surrounding terrain as they walks across the land of Alefgard.

During your quest you will battle monsters from lowly slimes to powerful dragons. Battle is relatively simple. You fight only one enemy at a time, and your commands are limited to fight, spell, item, and run. There are a couple puzzles as you explore the world, allowing you to gain more powerful equipment and unique items.

While the game was certainly a step forward, giving the NES a badly needed RPG, it's not without its faults. Most of the game is spent grinding, fighting the same monsters over and over again, in order to gain enough gold to buy the next best equipment, and enough experience to level up. This tediously slow progression rate dampens the enjoyment of the game.


Dragon Warrior - NES - Title.png

The title screen.

Dragon Warrior - NES - Throne Room.png

Good King Lorick explains my quest.

Dragon Warrior - NES - Castle.png

About the leave that starting castle.

Dragon Warrior - NES - Overworld.png

The land of Alfgard is spread out before me.

Dragon Warrior - NES - Combat.png

Fighting the deadliest enemy of them all... THE SLIME!

Dragon Warrior - NES - Town.png

The bustling town of Brecconary.


Dragon Warrior's soundtrack has been cited as the source of all JRPG music to follow. It was the first video game to get its soundtrack to be performed live by an orchestra. For this reason alone, this soundtrack should be looked at as a classic, setting the stage for VGM. What's more is that the music was written by famed composer and orchestrator Koichi Sugiyama, who had previously written music for television and film. Sugiyama would continue to write for a majority of the games in the series, and even the games that he didn't work either feature arrangements of his songs, or are influenced by his works at the very least.

According to Masumi Takimoto, the game's sound driver was created by Takenori Yamamori. Koichi Sugiyama would send his music to Enix, in which the sound programmers converted it by hand into their sound engine. While Masumi didn't work on Dragon Warrior, he designed the sound driver for the fourth game with Tadashi Fukuzawa, the sound driver designer of Dragon Warriors II and III.


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Overture March Koichi SugiyamaTakenori Yamamori 1:23
02 Chateau Ladutorm Koichi SugiyamaTakenori Yamamori 1:10
03 Tantegel Castle Koichi SugiyamaTakenori Yamamori 0:40
04 Unknown World Koichi SugiyamaTakenori Yamamori 0:44
05 Townspeople Koichi SugiyamaTakenori Yamamori 0:59
06 Fight Koichi SugiyamaTakenori Yamamori 0:51
07 Dungeon (Level 1) Koichi SugiyamaTakenori Yamamori 0:37
08 Dungeon (Level 2) Koichi SugiyamaTakenori Yamamori 0:39
09 Dungeon (Level 3) Koichi SugiyamaTakenori Yamamori 0:40
10 Dungeon (Level 4) Koichi SugiyamaTakenori Yamamori 0:41
11 Dungeon (Level 5) Koichi SugiyamaTakenori Yamamori 0:43
12 Dungeon (Level 6) Koichi SugiyamaTakenori Yamamori 0:46
13 Dungeon (Level 7) Koichi SugiyamaTakenori Yamamori 0:48
14 Dungeon (Level 8) Koichi SugiyamaTakenori Yamamori 0:51
15 King Dragon Koichi SugiyamaTakenori Yamamori 1:03
16 Finale Koichi SugiyamaTakenori Yamamori 1:36
17 Enemy Defeated Koichi SugiyamaTakenori Yamamori 0:01
18 Level Up Koichi SugiyamaTakenori Yamamori 0:02
19 Inn Koichi SugiyamaTakenori Yamamori 0:02
20 Dead Koichi SugiyamaTakenori Yamamori 0:04
21 Fairies' Flute Koichi SugiyamaTakenori Yamamori 0:05
22 Silver Harp Koichi SugiyamaTakenori Yamamori 0:04
23 Rescued Gwaelin Koichi SugiyamaTakenori Yamamori 0:05
24 Rainbow Bridge Koichi SugiyamaTakenori Yamamori 0:04
25 Cursed Koichi SugiyamaTakenori Yamamori 0:02



The game's credits can be seen by beating the game. Though there is no sound programming credit, we reached out to Masumi Takimoto before his unfortunate passing and he confirmed that Yamamori was the sound programmer for the first Dragon Warrior; both as the sound driver programmer and music arrangements.

We're still missing a screenshot for the programmer.

Issue - Missing.svg

Source verification is needed.



Dragon Quest Suite

Dragon Quest Suite.jpg


Game Rip






Ripping NES music is a very arduous process that is beyond the scope of this site.


  Japan.svg   Japan
Dragon Warrior - NES - Japan.jpg
Title: ドラゴンクエスト (Dragon Quest)
Platform: Famicom
Released: 1986-05-27
Publisher: Enix Corporation
  USA.svg   USA
Dragon Warrior - NES - USA.jpg
Title: Dragon Warrior
Platform: NES
Released: 1989-08-??
Publisher: Nintendo of America, Inc.
  South Korea.svg   South Korea
Title: 드래곤 퀘스트 (Dragon Quest)
Platform: Famicom
Released: 198?-??-??
Publisher: Enix Corporation