Digital Performer

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Digital Performer
Player - Digital Performer - 8.png
Creator MOTU
Released 1990-??-??
Platform Macintosh, Windows

Digital Performer is a sequencer developed for Macintosh and Windows by MOTU (Mark of the Unicorn). The program comes from Performer, but in 1990 the program was given a fundamental improvement of digital sampling, so MOTU re-branded the product. Most versions of Digital Performer were made solely for Macintosh, but recent versions ware available for Windows as well. Digital Performer is one of the most successful audio sequencers ever, spanning almost 3 decades.

While for the longest time, Digital Performer was exclusive to Macintosh computers, in 2012, it was announced by MOTU that Digital Performer 8 would be compatible with the Windows OS as well. To date, Digital Performer 11 is the latest version.

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The following composers used Digital Performer:


Because the product is still being produced, you can buy it from the creator.

Digital Performer 10 currently retails for $500.