Digital Eclipse

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Digital Eclipse
Founded 1992
Headquarters Emeryville, California, USA
Other Names
  • Backbone Entertainment

Digital Eclipse was an American game developer. The company had a policy of not crediting more than one person for the same thing, so sometimes, composers were listed as audio directors or sound designers.


Music Development


Digital Eclipse alum Peter Phillips and Terry Coatta used GEMS, which converted MIDI files to the Sega Genesis.


Jeremy Mika programmed the sound driver at Digital Eclipse. In most of their games, the wavetable channel is used to play back digital audio samples.


Digital Eclipse used various sound drivers, ranging from Nintendo's MP2K engine, MusyX by Factor 5, QuickThunder by Gameboyaudio, LS_Play by Logik State, Sonix by Cosmigo and a separate driver by Engine Software.

Audio Personnel