Death Stalker (CPC)

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Death Stalker
Death Stalker - CPC.jpg
Platform: Amstrad CPC
Year: 1988
Developer: TAG Computer Games

Death Stalker is a hack-and-slay adventure.

Your objective is to pass some big dungeon. On your way, you need to pick up items (up to five) from the floor, mostly to open doors and recover, but also to release prisoners (most of whom will leave you one more item) and help you fight several kinds of opponents (defeating them also opens a few doors).

The screen displays only sections, items and creatures that the protagonist can see from where he stands (not only the direction he faces). Everything else remains black until he moves closer, and becomes black when far away.

While the screen dimensions show that the game was designed for the ZX Spectrum, performance, graphics and layout have been vastly improved for Amstrad. However, movements are still slightly glitchy.


Death Stalker - CPC - Loader.png

Loading for five minutes.

Death Stalker - CPC - Main Menu.png

The main menu will press 3 by itself.

Death Stalker - CPC - Get Ready.png

Get Ready song on last note.

Death Stalker - CPC - Midgame.png

Adventure pausing combat.

Death Stalker - CPC - Game Over.png

Fastest game over.

Death Stalker - CPC - High Score.png

Tougher on Amstrad?


Codemasters has been David Whittaker's best client for two years, and again he delivered the most popular part of a game. In total, he arranged four songs and 16 sound effects (six unused) for the Amstrad CPC and the ZX Spectrum 128K. However, the CPC's slower clock forced Whittaker to speed up some vibratos (most audibly right in the beginning).

At any time after loading, you can press CTRL+T to toggle all songs. Sound effects are always on and temporarily mute the melody.


All songs were recorded from the game in WinAPE Version 2.0 Beta 2.

# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Theme David Whittaker 2:59
02 Get Ready David Whittaker 0:02
03 Game Over David Whittaker 0:03
04 High Score David Whittaker 1:23


(Source: main menu, same sound effects as Death Stalker (ZXS) (CPC manual probably credits them), code recognition.)

Game Rip








Audio Devices

This game uses the computer's built-in AY-3-8912 chip.


The CPC game was announced to be released on The CD Games Pack (c. early 1990), like the Spectrum game was. However, according to CPC-POWER, the pack was never released as the Commodore 64 and Spectrum CDs sold poorly.

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Death Stalker - CPC.jpg
Title: Death Stalker
Platform: Amstrad 464/664/6128
Released: 1988-1?-??
Publisher: CodeMasters Software Co. Ltd.
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Quattro Combat - CPC.jpg
Title: Quattro Combat
Platform: Amstrad 464/664/6128
Released: 1991-0?-??
Publisher: Code Masters Software Co. Ltd.


Death Stalker
Death Stalker Platform - CPC.png • Platform - ZXS.png
Notable Songs Theme
Notable Personnel David Whittaker
Notable Companies Codemasters