David A. Palmer Productions

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David A. Palmer Productions
Founded 1988
Headquarters Sheffield, England
Other Names PAL Developments
Citizen Software
David A. Palmer IMS Productions

David A. Palmer Productions is a computer software development company. Their forte is in the production of Nintendo Game Boy Advance and now more recently in GameCube development. Having a significant history of completed projects under their belts and gained a reputation for quality and timely delivery. One of the most successful handheld titles they ever produced is the Game Boy version of Jungle Strike.

In the last decade the company has successfully produced 15 title on GB/GBC/GBA, four on other platforms and three software projects in music and networking. They are now moving more into development for the next generation of games consoles from Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony, all the major handheld and mobile gaming platforms. They are based in Sheffield, England. The original parent company was formed in 1977.


Music Development

Commodore 64

Julian Potts arranged in Ubik's Musik.

Game Boy/Game Boy Color

Mark Cooksey was hired to compose music for most of their games, creating music in Notator on Atari ST, which was converted to Mark Cooksey's sound engine. For Gex: Enter the Gecko (GBC), Jeremy Taylor write the music in MIDI, using the alias "Firq".

The only exception to this is Babe and Friends (GBC) in which Gerard Gourley created the music. Gourley probably typed the music in assembly.

Game Boy Advance

Some of the games were composed by Mark Cooksey, in which Cooksey created MIDI files and converted to his own sound driver. Some of the games were scored by Allister Brimble and Will Davis, in which they typed the music in assembly, using a driver created by Michael Delaney.


For Palmer's only game Speedy Gonzales: Los Gatos Bandidos (SNES), Mark Cooksey was hired to compose the music in MIDI files, which was converted to his own sound driver.

Audio Personnel

The following people worked at David A. Palmer Productions: