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Software - DRO to VGM.png
Creator ValleyBell
Released 2010-07-22
Platform Windows
Website vgmrips.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=207

DRO to VGM is a program that converts DOSBox's DRO format to VGM. It is considerably easier to convert DRO files to VGMs than to fiddle around with VGM loggers because DOSBox is programmed to start logging a DRO file as soon as the first note plays, so you don't have to go through the tedious process of finding the start point of the song.

DRO to VGM can be executed either without a source file parameter, in which case it will prompt for one, or you can include an input DRO file and it will convert it to a VGM file of the same name. For example:

DRO2VGM.EXE sourcefile.dro

The program can also be executed by simply dragging and dropping the .DRO file you wish to convert to .VGM onto the DRO2VGM.EXE file.

DRO2VGM became a little redundant after Valley Bell released a modified version of DOSBox that logs VGM files, rather than logging DRO files.


Version Download Platform
2012-03-04 Download - (info) Windows