Curse of the Azure Bonds (MAC)

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Curse of the Azure Bonds
Curse of the Azure Bonds - MAC - USA.jpg
Platform: Macintosh
Year: 1990
Developer: Strategic Simulations, Inc.
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Curse of the Azure Bonds is the sequel to Pool of Radiance, and is the second game in the AD&D series. It is also based on the book 'Azure Bonds'. The game allows you to either create a whole new party from scratch or transfer your characters from Pool of Radiance or Hillsfar. In addition to that, there are two new classes to choose from; Paladin and Ranger. The game uses the 'Gold Box' engine like Pool of Radiance, though the Macintosh version of the game is arguably better in terms of graphics and gameplay.

In this game, your adventurers wake up in an inn in the town of Tilverton with all of their belongings stolen. They then notice signs down their arms, which they find out later possesses them to do evil things. You must find the source of where the signs come from and destroy it. Along the way you'll talk to people who will give you info or aid you in your quest.


Curse of the Azure Bonds - MAC - Title Screen.PNG

Title screen.

Curse of the Azure Bonds - MAC - Gameplay 1.PNG

Designing my character in combat.

Curse of the Azure Bonds - MAC - Gameplay 2.PNG

Hmm, I should probably have a doctor look at that...

Curse of the Azure Bonds - MAC - Gameplay 3.PNG

Conversing with the sage Filani.

Curse of the Azure Bonds - MAC - Gameplay 4.PNG

An interesting selection of beverages...

Curse of the Azure Bonds - MAC - Gameplay 5.PNG

In combat with the barkeep.


The game has only one song much like Pool of Radiance. In fact, it IS the same song that was used in Pool of Radiance for the Commodore 64, which was composed by David Warhol. David said he didn't work on the music for the Macintosh version and that someone converted his music. The game does have credits, but it doesn't give credit to whoever arranged Warhol's song. It's not a bad arrangement of the original, and only a couple notes are incorrect compared to the original, but you only get one instrument which decreases the overall quality of the song. It also plays slightly slower than the original song.

The arranger for the Macintosh version could have been Jason Linhart, Lester Humphreys, David Blake or Richard Filoramo, all of which were credited for programming.


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Theme from Pool of Radiance David WarholUnknown 1:44


(Source: Game manual from other computer ports; Game lacks credits.)

The game has credits for the Macintosh conversion team, but there are no audio credits to be found. It is likely one of the game's programmers converted/arranged the song for the Macintosh, but it is unknown who.

Game Rip





There is no known music rip for Curse of the Azure Bonds. The music was recorded during gameplay in Mini vMac.


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Curse of the Azure Bonds - MAC - USA.jpg
Title: Curse of the Azure Bonds
Platform: Macintosh
Released: 1988-??-??
Publisher: Strategic Simulations, Inc.